Instructions to authors


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The articles  could be written in two languages: Arabic, French or English. Before being accepted,  they should be subjected to two expertises : scientific and linguistic.

The total number of the pages of the article depend upon its nature : original (15 pages), synthesis ( 08 pages), case study ( 06 pages). The articles should show  non published results. And those of synthesis and case study  should be synthetic without illustrations.

The articles should be submitted to the electronic  address in  the TNR form for the txt and the JPG  form for illustrations.

The corresponding author receives, after expertise and  acceptance, a free PDF copy of the article, and a free copy of the Journal.

To allow a permanent state  and a large circulation  for the Journal,  subscriptions will be proposed on the University’ s web site, and in the Journal for particulars, institutions, and students with reasonable prices depending on the category and destination.

The text should be in the TNR form ( size 12 ) with line enumeration. The title of the article  should be in the language of writing and in English in the TNR form ( size 14 and bald) , and is followed by the  authors’ s names and  in the TNR form ( size 12)  with  addresses and e-mail addresses in the TNR  form ( size 10), with an asterisk on the corresponding author. View template

The summaries should be written in the language of writing, Arabic or English, and in the TNR form ( size 10 in Italics) The summaries should include five key words in the maximum.

Illustrations must not  go beyond five,  and  they should be mentioned  and numbered in the text in Arabic figures  (figure, picture 1, 2, etc.) and Roman figures ( table I, II, etc.).

The bibliographical references should not be solely selective of Journals’  articles, books, and articles from books. They will be classified according to the order of their appearance in the text from  which they will be called for by their number placed between parentheses:

- Example of a Journal :  Maduakor H., 1991 - Efficient fertilizer. Fertilizer Research, 29: 65-79.

- Example of a book : Steel R., Torrie J., 1960 - Principles and procedures. Mcgraw-Hill, London, 433 p.

- Example of an article  from a book: Tal M. Selection for stress tolerance. In : Evans D.A., Shap N.R., Ammirato P.V., eds. Handbook for plant cell culture. New York : Macmillan, 1992 : 101-112.