The impact of knowledge management on the performance in the Economic institution

  • زرقون محمد
  • عرابة لحاج
Keywords: knowledge management, performance, efficiency, excellence, employment


This study aims to reveal the impact of knowledge management on the performance in the economic establishment, through the definition of knowledge management and its methodology, and providing the theoretical framework of the performance of the enterprise, and to highlight the impact of the effective management of knowledge on the components of the performance intangible in the enterprise, which represent the workers, learning and job satisfaction, and processes Interior and creativity, so as to ensure the achievement of outstanding performance in the end. The study used the descriptive analytical approach to address the subject of research, as concluded in the last by the importance of knowledge management in a positive impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes, and achieve job satisfaction for workers and raise the level of learning, through effective steps for knowledge management within the organization.