Islamic Waqf and its role in achieving sustainable development - The Algerian experience in the management of Awqaf

  • صالحي صالح
  • بن عمارة نوال
Keywords: Islamic Waqf, sustainable development, The conduct of Awqaf, Algeria


The aim of this paper is to clarify the concepts related to each of the Islamic Waqf and sustainable development, as well as to highlight effective role carried out by institutions of Awqaf to achieve overall development of the countries, and identify the impact of Waqf on the economy and the Algerian society by viewing experience Algeria in the conduct of Awqaf. The research found that it can Waqf that offers a lot especially with regard to the adoption of qualified specialist, and this is to ensure the seriousness and effectiveness in the management of Awqaf Algerian which has for a long time conducting a manner mildly as ineffective. and work to develop their performance continuously, and to modify the laws and regulations that contribute to the promotion of Waqf from hand, and optimum utilization of Awqaf funds on the other hand and working for convening specialized seminars across country, and expand the meaning of the Waqf of community members, and standing on the history of the Waqf in Algeria.

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