Integrated management of pastoral resources in the area of Naama (Algeria)

  • BENARADJ Abdelkrim
  • BOUCHERIT Hafidha
Keywords: Steppe, Naama, Algeria, sustainable management, degradation


The steppe area of Naama region has very diverse natural resources and has indeed many natural assets. Today, the current situation of steppe rangelands of the wilaya of Naama is alarming, this state of degradation has been shown Naama several studies to diagnose the state of play of course the wilaya of Naama and highlight the features fragility of the steppe ecosystem accentuated by natural constraints (climatic aridity, silting ...) combined with human activities (grazing, land clearing) exert strong pressure on natural resources. Faced with this serious degradation, the strategy of integrated management has taken part to save and rationally exploit the steppe zone. Which means to acquire the basic data necessary for the understanding of ecosystem functioning and evaluation of their existing potential. Integrated management strategy should be based on research towards a state of balance and protection of the ecosystem to improve the living conditions and income of the local pastoral population with better use of resources . The application of a strategy for the development of steppe route allows the implementation of development programs taking into account to resolve all known problems, and implement appropriate solutions in integrated pastoral management framework save space and thus ensure the future of generations.