Modeling by structural equations and their applications in Marketing research

  • بداوي محمد
Keywords: structural model, measurement model, estimation, fit indices, OLS


The use of structural equation models in management science, especially in marketing, is a methodological and empirical promising axis and innovative direction toward development of the theory, based on a set of approaches and advanced techniques. Therefore, this article mainly focuses on explaining the value and interest of these second generation methods in the validation of measures and causality models, and the specification of the theoretical constructs and relationships studied simultaneously. After presenting an overview on the conceptual basis and procedure of carrying out a structural equation model, the second part of this article attempts to expose the common practice of the methods adopted by researchers in marketing. It seems important to propose concrete and illustrative example dealing with the study of the role of negotiation skills to increase sales in the enterprise.
Finally, an investigation was made to 120 respondents in order to validate a causal model in services