The regional disparities and the processes of economic integration in the Arab countries

  • كحلة بوبكر
  • بن عمارة نوال
Keywords: Arab Economic Development, Arab economic integration, economic dependence, the classical theory, economic sectors


The issue of integration and Arab economic cooperation, it's the most important issues that facing the joint Arab work. Which the Arabs should pay attention to him, to face the international challenges, such as the changes in the global system, the US political and economic domination of the world, globalization, the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, and projects designed to obliterate the Arab identity.
The importance of this topic, in the importance of cooperation and economic and political integration on the national level. To settling the dispute appearances and contrast and expand aspects of cooperation, integration and consolidation. Which it achieves goals and complicate tasks but complementary. On the one hand he does existing capabilities to meet the threats and challenges, on the other hand unites the foundations and pillars necessary and fixed to achieve Arab unity. Thus this study was to clarify the extent of finding the differences between the regions of the Arab countries to achieve regional economic integration?