Women and the problematic of economic empowerment in Algeria

  • سلامي منيرة
Keywords: women empowerment, the Acts on the promotion of women, sidaw Convention, Algeria, economic empowerment


Now talking about women and the need to achieve economic empowerment, is the basic ground for building societies and the economics of solid and competitive in a sustainable manner; however, despite the progress achieved, women still face discrimination and marginalization and exclusion; even if the equality between men and women is one of the universal principles approved by the international community, but the actual practices shows the difference in what should be, hence the importance of the establishment of a legislative framework to establish controls to assist in organizing the process of empowering women and give them their place, in order to enable it to play its role in the least possible number of barriers, and to contribute to the sustainable development of economies.
Algeria, in turn, and conscious of the importance of the integration of women in development and to overcome the various obstacles that stand in the way of objectivity, tried to put a legislative framework is organized to contribute to the improvement of the status of women and economic integration without barriers prevent this, this was reflected through amendments.