Theories and models of economic growth in the balance of the Wound and the Amendment - With a focus on the Islamic Development Solution -

  • بن قانة إسماعيل
Keywords: Theories and models of growth, Islamic economics, socialism and capitalism, economic crises, developing countries


Theories and models developed in the wake of growth for the vast majority of underdeveloped countries colony, and semi-colonial and dependent on political independence and addressing the tasks of rebuilding their economies that were straining under the weight of colonialism thanks to the jurisprudence
With the rise of the Soviet Union to global leadership platform in the socialist dress, remained a camp east and west Akidan to each one who is his supporters are many, but they are often subjected to setbacks and economic crises, perhaps the most important crisis in 1929 for capitalism and the crisis of 1989 that I wanted the eastern camp socialist, which Making capitalists are getting help from the principles of Islamic economics to resolve crises like the subprime mortgage crisis.
In this paper the researcher is trying to show some of the shortcomings of development models and theories, whether socialism or capitalism when put on the wound and the Islamic Amendment table.