Evaluate the effectiveness of E-learning in the Algerian university case Study of E-learning webe site at the University of Ouargla (www.elearn.univouargla. dz)

  • رجم خالد
  • دادن عبد الغني
Keywords: E-learning, the Internet, the quality of higher education, E-learning site, University of Ouargla


From within as stated in the Declaration of Principles of the World Summit on the Information Society held in Geneva from 10 to December 12, 2003, "that education, knowledge, information and communication are the core of human progress and well-being, ..., and should promote the use of information and communication technology in education, training and development of resources "Therefore we seek in this paper highlight the importance of a E- learning for assurance quality in higher education at several points and then trying to assess the experience of E-learning site of the University of Ouargla and the extent of professors response and students to this modern method through the use of a tool for education, communication, knowledge sharing, publishing information and even conduct examinations on the line during the period between 2013-2014, where the study found that a different professor excited to use this technique, unlike students who her did resist because of the fear of them due to lack of knowledge of them, who was born to them apprehensive, but some levels like mastere level who was their experience Last season showed their willingness and enthusiasm to her, we have reached an acceptable results with this topic and slide through the use and benefit from the advantages of the site.