The reality of foreign direct investment in Algeria during the period (2000- 2010)

  • معارفي فريدة
Keywords: foreign direct investment, investment climate in Algeria, investment attractiveness index, the complex index


In the context of economic reforms and the trend towards a market economy Algeria has adopted a policy of openness economy to encourage foreign direct investment by issuing laws and legislative texts included a motivational tax and customs benefits and some exemptions for investors, as well as to ensure the liberation of investment, and the stability of the legal system of investments, in addition of ensuring the transfer of free capital and revenues to the country's main state, and the establishment of a number of organizational structures working on promoting the investment development in Algeria, which allowed a large and an increasing flow of capital, and the entry of foreign firms in many sectors of the economy.
On this basis this paper is concerned with analyzing the reality of foreign direct investment in Algeria within the period (2000 - 2010) in terms of the legal framework, and the polarizing factors of the foreign direct investment (FDI), and then analyze the foreign direct investment climate in the Arab and international indicators.