Operational risk management in commercial banks Case Study Sample of Algerian banks

  • بوعبدلي احلام
  • سعيد ثريا
Keywords: :Operational risks, Risk Management;, the Capital requirements, Algerian banks


The banking sector Faces Several risks As a result of the expansion of its activities which are closely related to risk, Which requires the development of plans and procedures for optimal management of these risks in order to avoid losses or minimize them as much as possible,Operational risk has become one of the most important of these risks. Basel "2" agreement came new frameworks in banking risk management Where created Capital requirements to face the operational risks, Also it issued the principles of good practice in the management and control of operational risk in 2003.
This study aims to identify operational risks, in particular, through a questionnaire was distributed to a sample of employees in banks under study, and results analysis to identify the extent to recognize and apply the principles of sound management and effective operational risk in the Algerian banks.
And results of the study have shown that the Algerian banks do not apply the obligations set out in the Basel Convention "2" on operational risk management, and that it is not ready To apply the decisions of the Basel Committee's new For operational risk.