Reality and prospects of developing the transport sector in Algeria and its role in economic development

  • بوختالة سمير
  • زرقون محمد
  • بن عمارة نوال
Keywords: Economic policy, Economic development, Transport economics, Transport sector, Jel codes: O10, P25, R 41, N 77.


This study aims to show the importance of transport economics and the contribution of the transport sector in achieving economic development also to show its developmental effects on the national economy, through the economic policies adopted in Algeria in the transport sector.
The study found the need to recognize the importance of the transport sector in the national economy as a strategic sector in order to make the economic development and contribute to the advancement of the national economy through our analysis to the reality of the transport sector, also through our reading of the macro-economic indicators. The study also concluded that the need for diversity of Algeria's economy to reduce its dependence on oil and to achieve sustainable economic development.