The Role of Time Management in Improving Employee Performance: A Field Study at Sonelgaz enterprise

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Keywords: Time management, employee performance, performance improvement, working time, Sonelgaz enterprise, Jel codes: M12, M19, M54.


This study aimed to highlight the role of time management in improving employee performance by reviewing the conceptual framework for time management and employee performance, and examining the extent of the relationship between time management and and employees performance through a field study at Sonelgaz enterprise. For achieving study objectives a questionnaire has been designed and distributed to 50 individuals from the enterprise under study and the response rate was 80%.
Study has reached a number of results, the most important of which is that time management is an integrated management process that includes organization and planning, direction and control, each with a role in maintaining time, and that human resources management plays an important role in the success of time management through the best choice of workers and motivating them. A moderate correlation was also observed between time management and employee performance at Sonelgaz enterprise.