The structure of ownership and firm's control - Analytical study

  • زغود تبر
  • قريشي يوسف
Keywords: control, ownership, majority shareholders, minority shareholders, Jel codes: M19, G32, G35, G39.


The emergence of large firms in the world has led to the separation of ownership from management on the one hand, and the separation of the ownership from control on the other hand, because of the large separation of capital ownership which resulted the emergence of two types of shareholders : majority shareholders who own the majority of firm's capital and a High voting rights in the board of directors and therefore they have a greater ability to control the firm and influence on the decision-making in it, and the minority shareholders who own a small part of the firm's capital which not allow them to control it.
In this article, we attempt to address the nature of the firm's control and the mechanisms that lead to separation of ownership and control and to the results of this separation.