Author’s Guide

Author’s Guide

1. Submission of articles:

We invite authors who would like to publish their original articles of practical research nature to see the "Author's Instructions" and the "Author's Guide" in "Psychological & Educational Practices" clicking on the following link of ASJP- the Algerian Scientific Journals Platform:

To submit articles for publication, authors have to click on the "Send Article" Section on the list of options to the left of the page of the Journal on the ASJP platform.

If the author has an account (a username and a password) to access the Journal’s space, s/he must click the "Login" option. If s/he does not have an account, he / she will register himself by clicking the "Registration" option.

Note: Registration and logging in are necessary so that the author can submit his/her article through the platform, and follow it up.

2. Preparation and edition of the article:

In order to expedite the publication of articles in Psychological & Educational Practices, authors are invited to download a template that meets the publication requirements (RC_Template_Engl.doc) from the Journal’s account on the platform under the Author's Instructions Section.

3. Guidelines for the author:

- Authors are invited to read these recommendations and apply them carefully.
- The editor-in-chief has the right to return the articles that do not respect these rules.4. Article Evaluation Procedures:

In the first step, the article is examined anonymously (after deleting the name (s) of the author(s)) at the level of the internal secretariat of the Journal, that meets regularly to check the authors' compliance with the publication rules, and the appropriateness of their articles to the Journal's field of specialty before sending them to the editors. If the article does not receive a positive response from the editors, it will be returned to the author with comments and suggestions. The author can re-submit it after taking into account the recommendations made.

In the second step, if the article complies with the rules of publication and its relevance to the subject, the article will be eligible for the evaluation process (correct writing style, correctness of the problem, the hypothesis of research, an explicit methodology for addressing the problem, etc.). The anonymous article is then double blind peer reviewed by the editors, and each one of them will send the article to two reviewers under his network, according to a unified evaluation network they must fill out. The co-editor can also review the article himself if s/he wants to do this. The secretariat of the Journal maintains liaison and coordination between the authors and the associated editors.

When the article receives a positive evaluation and a negative one, it will be presented again to a third evaluator from within or outside the country; the article’s evaluation is determined by the final outcome of reviewing. If the article is accepted after modification, the author has to make the required corrections in a period of time that does not exceed one month.

If the article is accepted, the material submitted for publication should be attached to the "Copyright Transfer", which can be downloaded from the Journal space on the platform. This acknowledgment is included in a compressed file under the "Author's Instructions" Section.

5. Article Evaluation Period:

The article is evaluated in a minimum of 45 days, but the evaluation can take a longer period of two to three months on average.