The importance of marketing public urban transport services in achieving the social dimension of sustainable development

  • بن جروة حكيم كلية العلوم الإقتصادية و العلوم التجارية وعلوم التسييرجامعة قاصدي مرباح ورقلة
  • مزهودة نور الدين مخبر أداء المؤسسات والاقتصاديات في ظل العولمةجامعة قاصدي مرباح ورقلة
Keywords: Transportation, Urban transport services, Social dimension, Sustainable development


This study aims to clarify the role of marketing urban public transportation services in contributing to achieve the social dimension of sustainable development.  In addition to knowing the level and quality of services available in urban transport in Ouargla city and how it can achieve sustainable development based on its social dimension. The researcher designed and distributed a questionnaire related to the subject of the study, which included (21) paragraphs on transport, evaluation of the level of urban transport services in Ouargla, and the social aspect of public urban transport services and their contribution to achieving sustainable development.  In order to collect, analyze the data and test the hypothesis of the study we used the statistical package for social sciences (21 SPSS) for a sample of (284).  Numerous statistical methods were used to achieve the objectives of the study. After the analysis, it was found that public urban transport services have an effective role in achieving the social dimension of sustainable development.  In addition to the temporal and spatial coverage of public urban transport, is an important and essential factor as it contributes to link urban public transport services and the social dimension of sustainable development.