Analytical study of potato’s production and support in Oued Souf during the period (2007-2014) Using principalcomponentanalysis (PCA) method

  • بوعمار بوعلام كُلّية العُلوم الاقتصاديّة والعُلوم التّجاريّة وعُلوم التّسيير مخبر البحث حول زراعة النخيل جامعة قاصدي مرباح ورقلة
  • عمامرة محمد يوسف كُلّية العُلوم الاقتصاديّة والعُلوم التّجاريّة وعُلوم التّسيير مخبر دور الجامعة والمؤسسات الاقتصادية في التنمية المحلية المستدامة جامعة قاصدي مرباح ورقلة
  • Vincent Lagarde CREOP EA 4332, Université de Limoges, France
Keywords: production variables, support variables, Oued Souf, potatoes agriculture


This study is an analysis of potato support and production in the region of Oued Souf (south ofAlgeria) for the period (2007-2014) using principal components analysis (PCA) method. The analysis includes production variables and potato’s agriculture support variables (support of irrigation and fertilizers); by calculating the arithmetic averages and standard deviations and correlations matrix in addition to identifying the basic components that give the best representation of those variables and interpret the largest proportion of total stagnation. The results reveal that two key components, which are the potato production variables and support variables represent 88.227% of total stagnation. The results also reveal other variables that have strong or weak impact on potato’s production. A set of conclusions and recommendations is also presented.