Sectoral Dynamics and economic growth in Algeria: an empirical analysis using a model of the SAM multiplier

  • ZERKAK Sabrina Université de Bejaia
  • ACHOUCHE Mohamed Université de Bejaia
Keywords: Sectoral dynamics, economic growth, Algeria, multipliers, social accounting matrix (SAM)


   The objective of this article consists of connecting the sectoral dynamics and the economic growth of Algeria, in a context of opening and economic revival. The methodology used is based on the multipliers of the social accounting matrix (SAM), deriving from two disaggregated SAM built for the basic years 2001 and 2013. The results show that the various sectors have differentiated domino effects on the national production, the added-value and the income of the institutional sectors, besides, the extent of the induced effect varies between the two periods. The dynamic sectors likely to cause the increase of national production are not inevitably those generating the added-value, via the income. The temporal evolution of the multipliers differs according to the sector, but it translates as a whole the effects of the changes recorded by the Algerian economy during the last decades.