The role of Information Technologies in developing the skills of managers Case of EPB, Sonatrach, Cevital and Ifri in Béjaïa

  • MEBARKI Farid Laboratoire REDYL-Réformes Economiques et Dynamiques Locales (UMMTO) Université de Bejaia
Keywords: IT, knowledge, expertise, know-how, competence, skills development


The present article presents the results of a study based on a qualitative approach, whose main purpose is studying the role of IT in the development of managers’ skills in four businesses in the region of Bejaia namely: EPB, Sonatrach, Cevital and IFRI.

An interview is distributed on a set of 34 managers across the companies surveyed. The analysis of data reveals important facts about the present state of investment in IT, the reality on careers and employee skills management practices, on the role of ITs in the construction and enrichment of knowledge, in the capitalization and transferability of skills and developing professional skills. All these facts represent the point of view of managers in the studied companies, especially HR.