Adoption and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Algeria.

  • DIFALLHA Mohammed Elhadi Docteur en sciences de gestion Université de ELOued
  • Ali Mokrane Docteur en sciences de gestion Université de Tizi Ouzou
  • KHENNICHE Youcef Docteur en sciences de gestion Université de Tizi Ouzou
Keywords: relationship marketing, transactional marketing, dairy companie, contingency factors


The combination of IT, audiovisual and telecommunications, and technological developments in the production and dissemination of information are becoming increasingly important in our society and in our economy. We can said that there are many applications which are allowed by the ICT because these technologies allow to communicate much more easily but also to transmit information digitally, and anywhere in the world that has become a small village using these devices.

Through this article, we try to analyze the case of Algeria quantitatively affecting the telecommunication sector and its prospects.

The study revealed that Algeria has made a deep reforms in ICTs and that many sectors  have been affected, and the results include the creation of techno poles, the creation and development of private SMEs in the field of ICT and specifically start-ups.