Market orientation of Algerian enterprises: between relational and transactional approach. Case of entreprises of the dairy industry of Bejaia

  • Salah MAZIZ Doctorant en sciences de gestion Universit√© de Bejaia
Keywords: relationship marketing, transactional marketing, dairy companies, contingency factors


hrough the analysis of the marketing activity in companies of dairy industry of Bejaia, this research subscribes in the study on the marketing orientation of companies. For this approach and before focusing on the phenomenon, we need to establish a survey of the marketing behavior of enterprises. Thus, the objective of the study is to show the type of marketing orientation adopted by these firms, contingency factors that influence this orientation and its impact on their commercial performance.

The study found that marketing practices in dairy enterprises of Bejaia are dominated by relationship marketing, and hybrid marketing. The size and the use of ICT seem to have a positive impact on the marketing orientation of these companies.