The variation of motivated resistance to change from the perspective of socio-professional affiliation of workers. An empirical study of Sonatrach: supplies piping Base, Touggourt Algeria.

  • عبد الغني بن حامد معهد العُلوم الاقتصاديّة والعُلوم التّجاريّة وعُلوم التّسيير المركز الجامعي ايليزي
Keywords: resistance to change, motivations for change, socio-professional category, the structure of qualifications


This study aims to clarify the reasons for the variation in resistance to change among workers, depending on the socio-professional category to which they belong. For this purpose, we have decided to conduct this empirical study within Sonatrach, the supplies piping base in Touggourt, to evaluate the relationship between socio-professional status of workers and their motivations for their resistance to change adopted by the company in recent years, particularly which affected HRM policies.

We developed a survey to collect the study data. Processing the collected data was performed through several statistical methods using SPSS V.20 program.

The results of the study showed that there is a relationship and a statistically significant effect between the socio-professional categories of workers and the causes of resistance to change.