Information Systems Innovations Adoption among SMEs in Algeria

  • Laala Atik Faculté de sciences économiques, commerciales et sciences de gestion Université de Ouargla, Algérie
  • Boumediene Ramdani University of the West of England


Scholars in the field of Information Systems (IS) innovations’ adoption and diffusion have recently expressed their concerns of the dominance that some theories attained, which has caused a high degree of enforcement, conformity, and lack of innovation that have not served the research community well. Having reviewed the IS innovations adoption and diffusion literature, this paper aims to develop a conceptual framework that can be used as a theoretical basis for studying SMEs’ adoption of Enterprise Systems (ES). This will be achieved by firstly reviewing the dominant paradigm of IS innovations’ adoption and its revised depiction. Secondly, TOE (Technology-Organization-Environment) framework introduced by Tornatzky and Fleischer (1990) will be adopted. Thirdly, theoretical and empirical studies of the factors that can be included within the theoretical framework will be highlighted. Besides, explanatory variables and the developed hypotheses will be outlined.